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There was a snap, and a pop as Akira and Morrigan popped into existence in the middle of what use to be the line of the It’s a Small World Ride.

“I hate it when you do that!” Morrigan yelled at her little sister, straightening her hair and dusting off her dress.
“It’s not my falt that Cheetos Truck was there!” Akira whined
“Well you didn’t have to destroy it! Wanted some…”
“It was in the way! I couldn’t Stop!”
“You know you could have!”

The two sisters growled at each other ready to strike when suddenly 12 yellow construction vehicles pulled out seemingly form no where. 30 or so men with micky mouse ear hats jumped off the trucks and in the blink of an eye erected a curtain around the still burning wreckage of the Small World ride. The sounds of hammering, sawing and wielding could be heard as a heard behind the curtain as a large dust cloud rose form behind it. After a few seconds the curtain fell and there was the It’s a Small World Ride as good as new. The men Jumped on the trucks and were gone, the whole posses taking only 45 seconds.

“Did… you see that?” Morrigan said in shock and disbelieve
“I’m rather sure I did, and I think we should get out of here…” Akira said, she to was a bit shocked.
“The magical plot ferries told me we should”
“I’d have to agree with it.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere and something like that…

“Dig faster you demons!” shouted a large spike covered demon in full plate “We have to find that sword as fast as we can”
“Yes Master” said an Underling, one of many that were digging thought what was left of Morrigan’s residence.
“One question master” said another underling “What happens when we find the sword?”

“We hope it’s touch doesn’t destroy us…”


Future World was one of those places where you could see what the positive person saw the future to be like. What was presented here was ofcorse far form the truth. To the left (or right or forward or behind depending on where your standing) was a place called Epcot center. Epcot center was a special place that showcased styotypicalized versions of all the world cultures and had people that looked relatively like people form those cultures working there, everything was ofcorse made in China. There was something special about Epcot center; it was the only place in Disney World where one could buy Beer. This Beer would Attract a God, who was known as Hades, no, not that one, the other one. This Hades was trying his best to look relatively normal, being a Greek god didn’t exactly make this easy. Hades was at a bar, a Disney bar, in the Russian part of Epcot center. Because we like doing things the way they do in Mother Russia.


I think I forgot to mention that Morrigan and Akira were wondering thought Epcot center. But you must have guessed that.

Morrigan ran up to the relatively old looking man. There was a dark look about him. She gave him and hug and a kiss on the Cheek and sat down at his table, dragging Akira and forcing to sit down as well.

“I haven’t seen you in ages” Morrigan said with a smile.
“Yeah, I’ve been busy” Hades gowned, taking another shock of Vodka, just don’t ask me where he got it.
“I have to, I was in some strange round robin fan fic thing, I think I’m still in it.” Morrigan tapped a waitress on the side “Umm… one beer and one apple juice”
“Apple Juice! What?” Akira jumped up “I’m old enough to drink damn it!”
“No, you aren’t, shush sister”
“Dragging along your little sister today Morrigan?” Hades chuckled
“Well… umm… yeah” Morrigan gave Akira a look “Hay, how’s my mother”
“Oh, you know, she’s your mother”
“Right…” Morrigan frowned then smiled “What have you been up to?”
“Oh me?” Hades sighed “Well I just got out of some Hercules Xena Fanfic”
“Theres a way out of those?” Morrigan giggled
“There is if you kill the Author”
They laughed alittle, it was a baby nerves laugh.
“Before that I was in some sorta cross over fanfic that’s going to be giving me nightmares for a few thousand years” Hades said, the humor, if there was any in the conversation had just vanished.
“How bad was it?”
“It had something to do with My Little Pony, The Care Bears and GI-Joe. Now, you’d think that that would some how be Violent but, that’s the thing. It wasn’t!”
“It wasn’t Violent?” Morrigan didn’t believe him.
“It wasn’t!” Hades said grimly “It was so… Cuddely”
“However did you fit into this?”
“I was the evil bad guy trying to bring sadness to the world or something. It was scary.”
The two of them sat there for a moment in silence.
“Hay, Morrigan” Hades said, looking at where Akira was sitting “Where did your sister go?”
“I donno, she can fend for herself, it’s not like there anything that can hurt her here”
“I guess your right” Hades sighed looking at his empty Bottle of Vodka “This place just gives me the creeps though, you know?”
“Yeah, I know what you mean” Morrigan looked at her beer, which had just arrived “Why did I order this? I don’t even drink Beer!”
“Because it seemed stylish?” Hades was peeling the label off of his bottle.
“Something like that…”
There was another quiet then Morrigan asked “Are we still on for Poker Thursdays?”
“Sure, I hope Hel will be there and that she won’t bring Odin this time, he can be such a whiner” Hades said “Or Jesus”
“Jesus is such a cheat!”
“yeah, really”

Now, I could go on for a long time detailing their conversation, but who really cares to hear the gossip of gods. Who’s sleeping with who, and doing what and so on and so forth...

interlude amongst interludes

...One part unexpected, two parts stealth.

"No, for chrissakes, NO! Dammit, do you like the idea of having you head blown apart just as you're making an entrance?? Look, you never start off with the Browning HP-Practical 9mm. It's used for 'last stand' purposes only... No, two wouldn't fare you any better.. now listen, an SG552-2 P would serve you better. Simply put you've got a switch that makes it a 1-3-Auto fire rate... don't ask where I got it from... Ah hell, if you can't grasp psychoplasm dynamics, what's the point? Fine then, screw this, let Cog help your poor ass out."


"Lung cancer poster boy, do we have a problem." Al Simmons' demeanor stank of impatience and frustration, his eyes illuminating the fact with a steady pulse of eerie green light.

Cog's eyes drifted to the young spectre who stood behind the cloaked figure. The young man, who no doubt would be young had he been alive, examined the sights on the weaponry that Al had placed in front of him. Unlike his semi-demonic friend, Cogliostro knew the kid had potential. Whatever for, he wasn't sure of, but heaven help what got in his way.

"Funny Al, he reminds me of a younger you," he whispered as the wastes of tobacco exited his lips, "only with more self-control."

"Hilarious, and when do you play Yuk Yuk's next?"

"Look, if he doesn't want a suit, he doesn't get one. Right now, he really doesn't have to worry about it unless it involves the supernatural."

The cape reared with disgust, and Simmons forced a sneer. "Ever think with what he has planned that the unliving will be lining up for a shot at the poor bastard?"

"Not our prob, Al. He only wants to know military techniques, that's all he needs. I feel he's got a few of his own tricks up his sleeve."

"You mean the werewolf and saidin crap he mutters about? We both know from the report those talents were lost to him. All he appears to have now is a slight case of invisibility and some firepower."

"And you call yourself an optimist. Christ Al, what did you have when you were alive? Wasn't an imitation of Sue Richards, that's for sure."

"I still think he needs some training ops before I can draw any sort of conclusion. What about sending him after Vasquez to gather some information? We both know that little prick is just a carrier for the big boys between Miami and The City."

Cog took another drag from the Winston and then crushed it beneath a bootheel. "Fine with me, so long as we both believe he can handle it."

"Worse comes to worse, he can always use the Invisible Girl routine."

"I still don't know if it was wise of you to make him visible. Makes it a hassle for extra-dimensional etcetera activities."

"Cog, relax. So long as he remembers to not piss himself in a firefight, he should be ok.. barely. We both know his mental condition is worsening day by day. If we don't speed up the training, it'll be months instead of years before he ends up nothing more than a shade."

"Ok, Vasquez it is then. Green light in 2 days."

"Done and done. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts. The ride's gonna get bumpy."

And yet another plot opens...

Aphrodite stared at her nails in boredom. "So what's wrong with, JC?" She sat at a small cafe table with Sil & Rick as they waited for Caitlyn & JC to return with food.

Silence shrugged. "I don't know. I think he drank some tainted blood."

"I slipped him a mickey." Rick said with a grin.

"Booo." The goddess of love groaned. "That was soo lame."

Sil punched Rick in the shoulder. "You jerk! You can't do that to Jean-Claude!"

Rick winced. "Oww.." He rubbed his shoulder. "That hurt."

"Good." Sil glared at him and snapped her fingers, removing whatever damage Rick had caused. "What the hell did you use anyway?"

"Something from Cat's lab." Rick smiled. "I thought he should be carefree here."

Dite rolled her eyes. "But that ruins the fun of bringing him here." She stood up and flipped her curly blonde hair over her shoulder. "I'm bored. I think I'll wander."

"What.. no food?" Rick asked.

Sil sighed. "Rick.. we're gods. We don't need food."

"Then why are you eating?"

"Because I can." Sil replied with shrug.

"Later cuties." Dite said and disappeared in a glittery teleport.


Meanwhile.. in a dark and eerie room hidden underneath a gift shop, a young wizard paced. His eyes were filled with a lust for power... Among other things.. but we'll get to that later. For now let's dwell on this, okay?

"How are we doing so far, Hades?"

The god of the underworld ran a blue hand through his blue flame he called hair. "Why the hell are you asking me? I'm not your lacky. I'm a god!"

"I brought you into this world, I can take you out!" The wizard sneered. He raised a gloved hand and poured energy into the god, causing Hades to cry out in pain. "This world is ripe for the taking. Be grateful I brought you here."

"That is quite enough." A sultry voice interceded. Out of the shadows stepped a tall feminine figure, her green face outlined by the volumes of black she wore. Maleficent's lips turned up in a mocking smile. "Gentlemen, we need not argue amongst ourselves. There is much we still need to accomplish." She turned to the wizard. "Is that not correct, Mozenrath?"

The once former nemesis to Aladdin nodded. "Indeed. You should learn to be more courteous, Hades. Learn something from the woman." Ignoring Hades' glare, he continued. "You both know what to do. Continue replacing the workers with the real villains."

Flames burst from nowhere as if a special effect from a movie. The flare lit up the room and Mozenrath's pale face smiled.

"Once that is finished.. this world will be ours. And there isn't a hero here who can stop us!"

As the trio teleported away, a figure dressed in pink tank top and jeans stepped out of the shadows.

"Well isn't that just a bitch!" Aphrodite said in annoyance.


Raina let out a loud laugh as Bobby was knocked over by a batch of children running by. "Nicebalance, Drake!" She walked over and held out her hand to him.

Bobby took it and pulled himself to his feet with a roll of his eyes. "Just seeing if I'd make a good ride here."

"I'll bet you would." Raina said coyly. "So what do you want to do? We've already done Epcot."

"Pirates of the Caribbian?" Iceman suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Raina said with a shrug. The couple started walking, only to be interrupted by a certain goddess appearing in front of them.

Aphrodite stood there with her hands on her hips. "Hold it super heroes."

"Uh-oh." Drake muttered. "She wants something."

"Dite, what'sup?"

The goddess explained to them what she had overheard. "So what are you going to do about it?"

Raina shrugged. "Stopit, Isuppose."

"We're heroes." Bobby sighed at the thought of saving the world instead of vacationing. "It's what we do."

"So take us to the hideout." Raina said.

"I can't." Aphrodite smiled sheepishly. "I got there by accident. I'd meant to teleport into It's A Small World and see how many couples were actually making out, but I ended up there for some reason."

"Small World got torched." Bobby explained. "I'm thinking Ares or Alli."

"I don't know," Raina interjected. "I saw Dusty head inside when you were in the bathroom."

"And you didn't tell?" Bobby looked surprised.

"Well he had a girl with him!" She replied in her defense. "ForallIknowitcouldhavebeenareallykinkydate!"

"A kinky date?" Bobby groaned. "Are you nuts? Why would you think that?"

"Three words. Sil and JC." Raina smirked.

"Hello? Am I not here?" Dite snapped her fingers at them. "Pay attention! We have a potentially dangerous situation here. So let's fix it!"

Raina gave her a curious look. "Since when do you care?"

"Since I had to look at that fashion victim who claims to be Hades." Dite explained. "I mean, have you looked at him? Puh-Lease. My uncle has sooo much better taste then a sheet."

"Fine." Raina said. "We'll split up." She pointed. "Bobby, you go that way. I'll take this way. We'll do recon and meet back at the hotel in two hours."

"And what do I do?" Dite asked.

"Go warn everyone." Drake told her. He turned to Raina. "No powers for us unless we need them. Don't want to blow our cover."

"Butofcourse." Raina grinned and gave him a passion filled kiss. She released him only after an annoyed goddess cleared her throat. "Let's go save the world."

As the duo left the greek goddess standing there, she rolled her eyes. "It's about time. Mortals need to learn to listen to us more often."

Character Flaws

The hallway was largely unadorned except for the overhead fluorescents. No doors. No side passages. Dusty's brain kept flashing back to the Hellraiser maze he and a cadre of his superhero friends had fought their way through. He wished they were here now.

"I can do this one myself, though, right?" he thought to himself. "I mean, there's nothing terribly scary at DISNEY WORLD."

That's when the hippos appeared. Two tutu wearing water buffalos blocked the hallway ahead of Dusty and Anita all of a sudden. They were just park employees in costume, of course, but they could still raise an alarm. Luckily, the adventurers were at their backs and in those girthsome getups, the hippos weren't turning around anytime soon. The young woman, the Character Guard in front of them, however, was dressed in a polo shirt and shorts. That could be more of a problem.

They crept in close behind the costumed characters and tiptoed along behind them, waiting for the tunnel to branch off or something.

"I heard it was an explosion!" one of the hippos said.

"Things don't explode at Disney," the Guard said. "They brighten up."

"You are such a weiner." The other hippo said.

"We don't call names at Disney," the Guard said. "We express displeasure only in writing to our supervisors and are you REALLY going to write me up for bearing an emotional likeness to a frankfurter?"

"I didn't mean a-"

"Because SURELY you don't me to write YOU up for sexual harassment."


"Besides," said the guard smugly. "I'm not the one dressed like a hippo in a tutu."

"We're here." The offending hippo said. Up a ramp to their right was a door. The guard went up first and, when the hippos moved to follow, Dusty and Anita slipped by them, down the hallway.

Once they were gone, Dusty looked back the way they'd come. "Maybe we should have gone the other way."

"I thought there was a downward slope here, though."

"It's flat. What are you talking about?"

"There!" Anita said, pointing. On the floor ahead of them was an access panel labeled "ELECTRICAL". Twisting a handle and prying the lid up, Dusty uncovered a ladder leading down into darkness. The smell of mildew and oldness wafted up into his nostrils and he sneezed.


"Hey!" came a teenage voice from on up the hall.

Anita saw them first. "Shit!" And she was down the ladder.

Dusty turned to see Mickey Mouse and Pluto, along with a slick, young Character Guard, who was trying to pull a radio off of his hip.

Dusty knew he had to keep that call from going out. He charged the guard, who forgot the radio and held his hands up in front of him.

"We're non-violent at Disney Wo-OOF!"

Dusty grabbed both the boy's wrists in one hand and gut-punched him with the other, dropping him.

"Sorry to break park protocol," Dusty said. "I just need a little more time." He snatched up the radio and clipped it onto his own belt. Nodding to the apparently stunned, smiling faces of Mickey and Pluto, he ran back towards the hatch.

Behind him, Mickey turned to his life-long best friend.

"It's time, then," he said in a decidedly non-cartoon voice. Pluto nodded.

The guard wheezed between the breaths he was trying to catch. "No *gasp* talking *gasp* in *gasp* costume!" Mickey kicked him in the face raised a three-fingered glove at Dusty’s back. He pointed.

A low growl rolled out of Pluto and the dog was immediately in pursuit. Mickey wasn't far behind. As they ran, the duo pulled back their furry sleeves to reveal tiny control panels. This had been set up to regulate the in-costume cooling system, allowing the park employees to avoid heat stroke. Once you were senior enough to be Mickey or Pluto, however, you got to use the same costume every day – no more switching around. This allowed them to modify their cooling systems for the very occasion that had finally landed in front of them today.

Steel fangs grew into Pluto's maw. Hinges worked, snapping the jaw in a testing move. His eyes turned red with radar and heat-sensing technology. Nano-transforming technology unfolded arm bracers, forming a tazer gun on his left wrist and a small laser gun on the other.

Mickey’s eyes turned red as well. His wrist nanos folded out into a plasma cannon on his left arm and a weighted net cannon on his right arm. His tail grew out of his backside, becoming prehensile and completely controlled by the suit wearer. It crackled with green lightning and arched up over his back like a scorpion’s tail.

Seeing that Dusty was going to make it down the hole before they reached him, Pluto knelt and drew a bead with his laser. He fired at the same time Mickey cut loose with a plasma blast over the dog’s head.

Having heard his pursuers, Dusty had cast a quick glance back to see how close they were. He twisted as the laser tore across his left shoulder and the plasma blast filled his vision. His twisting, though, had put him directly over the hole and he fell over into it. He watched the blast sail over, centimeters from his nose as he toppled down the hole head first. He hit the ladder and flipped. He hit Anita and the ground almost at the same time.

"Dammit, Dusty!"

"Shutup! Go! GO!" They were up and scrambling as Mickey appeared at the hatch. His tail arched down over his left shoulder and fired the green lightning down on the spot they had been standing on. It was absorbed by the dirt floor.

"Hmmm, dirt," Dusty thought. "Must be getting close."

"What the hell was that? Lightning?" Anita asked.

"Mickey and Pluto transformed or something! Those aren't ordinary suits!"

"Dammit! They were expecting us!"


"No time! Come on!" Behind them, Dusty could hear the cartoons making their way down the ladder in their bulky suits.

Sorry it's so long!Collapse )

So... Um... Yeah...

"You see, right now Morrigan is suppose to be telling you about what a horrible time she is having getting to "Gisney" world. But she can't right now, she's busy."

"What is she busy with? Well that is a vary complex question which I going to explain to you any ways, because I'd rather no all leave you dazed and confused... or... something... like... yeah... OK!"

"You see our good Friend Morrigan has been just that! Good, which is bad because Morrigan isn't suppose to be good, so now she has to bad, to be good in the whole realtiveness of the universe. Death consumes all! unless she's lazy and having a vacation in some place like the battle fields of world war to, which depending on who you ask, was good or bad. So the bad good Morrigan is plotting with the devil (who's lover she just kicked the ass of, mind you) that made her good which was bad, so in order to let things balance out God said that Morrigan couldn't play around with her powers, for awhile. Which for Morrigan was bad, but for Disney World, was good. However, this did not cover The Nameless, which for Morrigan was good but for Disney World was bad. However Morrigan had lost The Nameless and couldn't summon it because that was one of her powers... I think, in theory... Any ways this was bad for the good bad Morrigan. Morrigan doesn't really know this, because she's never really been good (or bad or bad good). So the Devil, who is bad, offers the good bad Morrigan her sword The Nameless in exchange for a few minor Tasks. Which she didn't bother to tell me about, but as you can guess, they are bad. But she will, stop being the good bad Morrigan and become the Neutral Morrigan, which is good, and bad... but still good! So don't worry, or panic, panicing is bad."

"There is just one little problem, which some how factors into this whole mess, The Nameless slowly sucks the life out of anyone that holds it. Corse if your dead... Um... yeah."

Elsewhere... sorta... kinda...

"Just what exactly is Rei Babbling about big sis?" Akira ask Morrigan
"I'm not sure" Morrigan said "I think it was realivent to the story... somehow... I not exactly sure what it meant."
"Maybe it had do with you talking to the big red clown guy with horns?"
"Shut up you!"

Ares and Imp 13 see the 'sights'

Ares was strolling around the 'magical world' that was Disneyworld with Imp 13. A.K.A. for the duration of the vacation as Timmy.

Ares glanced down at 'Timmy' and asked. "So what can we do for some fun?"

Imp 13 in his human boy form looked up at Ares with anything but a boyish grin. "I want to go to It's A Small World uncle Ares."

"By Mount Olympus! Why would anyone want to go to that ride?!"

"To trash it. Why else?" Imp 13 asked back genuinely confused.

Ares looked thoughtful and then nodded. "Sounds like fun. Let's go!"

Ares and Imp 13 looked at the smouldering remains of the once beloved ride.

"Damn! Someone from our group must have gotten here first!" Ares complained.

"Oh well. We can find some fun somewhere else." Imp 13 said philosophically.

Ares still pouting at being cheated of destroying a annoying singing cheerful ride eventually nodded. "Okay. We can go to Weapon World."

"Um, they don't have a place like that here." Imp 13 pointed out.

"A brothel?" Ares asked hopefully.

"Nope. None of those here." Imp 13 replied.

"Gladiatorial games?"

"Nope, nada."

"A freakin bar?!"

"I don't think there are any places like that on Disneyworld grounds."

"And they call this place an amusement park?!" Ares bitched.

While Ares bitched and complained about how a place could call itself a amusement park with no blood shed opportunities, Imp 13 looked around at the milling crowds. "Say how did you manage to get out without Aphrodite trailing you to make sure you behaved?" He finally asked the God of War.

Ares frowned. "I am the God of War!" He roared and then dropped his voice when he noticed people staring at them. In a lower voice he admitted to Imp 13. "I managed to sneak out while Aphrodite was talking to the other women. You?"

Imp 13 grinned. "I got thrown out when Reiko got amorous with Weirdbard as soon as they got to the hotel room."

"Are those two still at it like sex crazed weasels? As long as they have been together now?" Ares asked shaking his head.

Imp 13 looked around and replied. "I think your sister is partially responsible. I think she is helping to keep their relationship hot."

Ares looked thoughtful for a moment but then said. "No, I don't think so. Dite is not the type to interfere in a relationship . . . Without constantly bragging about it. I've heard her say that Bard and Reiko are a cute couple together but she hasn't claimed credit for them coming together or staying together so I'm pretty sure she hasn't had anything to do with it."

Ares stopped at a guide map to try and find something interesting to do. Not finding anything particular that caught his interest he looked down to ask Imp 13 A.K.A 'Timmy' what he thought they should do but noticed the imp in human form was missing.

"Where did that little pipsqueak get off to now?" He asked himself.

Hearing a scream, Ares frowned and started going in that direction. He quickly found a Park Security official holding Imp 13/Timmy by the arm. Standing next to them was a red faced woman dressed as Cinderella.

Ares thought briefly about letting Imp 13 face the music himself but the curiosity about what the imp might have done proved too strong so he walked over.

"Excuse me. I'm the uncle of this boy. Can you tell me what he's done?" Ares asked the guard.

"This boy was caught sneaking a peek under Cinderella's dress." The guard told him.

Ares barely managed to hide a smirk and said to Imp 13. "Aren't you ashamed?"

"Oh yes Unky Ares. I pwomise I won't do it again." Imp 13 said trying his best to look like a innocent little boy.

The guard looked Ares over. It was obvious he wasn't reassured by what he saw but he didn't really want to ruin someone's holiday about something so minor. "I guess I can turn the boy over to you but make sure this doesn't happen again."

Ares and Imp 13 heard ?Cinderella' talking to the guard as they moved off. "I'm sick to death of this. Next time I am going to demand they let me dress as Minnie Mouse. She never has little perverts trying to look up her dress!"

Ares put a serious expression on his face and stooping down he looked Imp 13 in the face. "Now what have I told you about doing stuff like this?"

"Next time make sure I have a camera and take pictures?" Imp 13 asked.

"Damn straight! Now let's go see if we can find some kind of real excitement in this park."
I woke up and looking over to my side spotted Reiko lying on the bed next to me. Looking over at a clock on the nightstand of the fancy hotel room I realized three hours had passed.

"Wake up hun! We were supposed to meet the others 30 minutes ago. How did we lose track of the time?!"

"Well when we came into the room I saw you bouncing on the bed. I asked you what you thought you were doing and you told me it was tradition for people staying in a hotel to test the beds for comfort. I said that I could think of a better way to test a bed than bouncing on it and . . ." Reiko said.

"Um, yes. I remember that." I said with a grin.

"I should hope so!" Reiko said with a smirk. "I guess after we ‘tested' the bed we lost track of the time and took a little nap."

"What happened to Imp 13?" I asked.

"I kicked him out of the room and told him to go play when I saw you on the bed." Reiko informed me.

"You let him out on his own?"

"No, of course not." Reiko replied.

"Oh good."

"I saw Ares in the hallway and told Imp 13 to go with his ‘Uncle Ares'"

"O_O Oh by the abyss I hope there is still a Disneyworld out there for us to go see now. At least tell me that Ares sister Aphrodite was with them?" I asked getting nervous.

"No, I didn't see her in the hallway with Ares. Now come on hun. You don't really think Ares and Imp 13 would trash . . ." Reiko started to say but trailed off with a look of horror on her face. "Uh oh."

Reaching out I quickly picked up the TV remote from the night stand and turned the TV to the Disneyworld information channel.

"We regret to inform park goers that the ride, "It's A Small World" has been closed due to a mysterious fire. There was no one hurt in the fire and it is being labeled as a ‘electrical accident'. Even though that amusement is off the list for today, we at Disneyworld have many more enjoyable rides. Next up on our tour of the amusements you can find here is Epicot Center..." I switched off the TV.

"You don't think Ares and Imp 13 did that do you?" Reiko asked me worriedly.

"Hmm, I don't think so. Imp 13's sense of humor, he would have stripped the little animatronic women and men and had them wearing each other's clothing. And Ares would have, using his god powers, reprogrammed the men figures and given them little swords and have them engaged in gladiatorial fighting." I replied thoughtfully.

"Then who destroyed the ride? You don't think it could really have been just a accidental fire do you?" Reiko asked me.

"With our group here? No. The only person I can think of that is big on fires didn't come on this trip as far as I know. I'm pretty sure Raistlin stayed home this trip." I said with a shrug. "But lets get down to the park. I dread to think of the trouble Ares and Imp 13 can do alone and unsupervised."

So saying me and Reiko left the hotel room to find our friends.

Zero Survival

Shots of compressed energy and metal crunching could be heard for miles
around as Kid Stealth fought his way through the maze of corridors and
platforms. So far all this place's defenses had only managed to irritate
him and slow him down from getting to his objective. "I should have told
Sil why I couldn't go to Disney World with her, but Ren didn't want her to
worry or ruin her vacation when I was capable of handling it myself. I
promised I'd catch up with her as soon as I'm done, but if the envelope he
handed me is any indication, it might take a while." Kid thought to himself as he obliterated a wave of the lesser Guard-Robots that seemed prevalent in this area.


Kid was walking through some of the forests on AIWL Island, as he searched for his friend Khai's cabin. It has gone completely unused since Khai had been lost during their trip to rescue Weirdbard's Imps from Hell. He still made weekly trips to keep the place in good condition, and today was no exception. Only three people on the island actually knew where the cabin was located. The other two, Silence and Weirdbard, were still at the Weirdbard Academy, dealing with the last week of school (Yes, this is a flashback).
Approaching the cabin, Kid pulled out a well-worn key, and unlocked the front door. Sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a Guinness, apparently straight from some tap somewhere, was Ren. Silence's brother, and someone Kid hoped he could soon call a brother-in-law, Ren was a God of Protection. What he was doing in Khai and Rei's cabin, he had no idea, but it must be important, since Ren was usually pretty busy. Over on a carpet set in the sunlight streaming through a window, was Ren's constant companion, Aqueila. The tiger-striped, grey cat was taking full advantage of the late afternoon sun, and was curled up contently, seeming to not be paying attention to anything but his rest.

"It's about time you got her." Ren said, between sips of his beer. "Come, sit, have a drink. You're family, after all!" Ren laughed at his joke, but Kid merely blushed, remembering his botched proposal to Sil last Christmas.

"I wasn't expecting to see anyone in here, Ren. Let alone you. What brings you to my humble neck of the woods?" Kid asked, taking a seat across from Ren at the table. Aqueila yawned and looked at Kid.

Ren looked a serious as he reached into his usual green and silver armor and produced a pair of photos.

"I'm here with a huge task for you, Kid. It comes straight from the top, but since it's breaking the rules for any of us up there to do anything, we had to find someone we knew we could trust." he slid the photos over to Kid, who picked them up. His eyes widened when he saw the subject in the photos. "Listen, Kid. You can't tell anyone about this, because it's a bit of a no-no what we're doing here. We need you to rescue this person before the masterminds behind Lucifer Academy get to him."

Kid mulled over it, looking at the photos. "Ren," he said, not taking his eyes away from the still images, "Aren't you out of your jurisdiction on this one? This guy isn't human. He's not even alive so to speak. I know all about him, too, so I can understand why this is important, but it still strikes me as odd that you'd be sent to recruit me for this one." Ren took another pull on his beer, and nodded his head. Swallowing, he took one of the photos from Kid's hand and looked at it.

"You know his history, so you know that Zero could sway either way. He was originally created to be evil as it is, and was only changed when he was 'reprogrammed' to join the Maverick Hunters. We can't let Lucifer Academy change him back, because that's one more soul lost. We need you to go get him, because none of us are allowed, and neither my sister or Weirdbard are allowed, either. And there's stuff in the works I can't talk about." Ren looked dead serious. Kid nodded, taking the one picture he still held and slipping it into his pocket. He got up to leave, but Ren grabbed him by the wrist, stopping him.

"One more thing for you, another task, I believe. You know who it's from." Ren silently mouthed the word 'mother' and pulled an envelope out of a dimensional pocket. The large envelope had a bump in it, and the words "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL SUMMER" printed on it in bold red letters. Kid put that into his cloak and stood, looking over the cabin, as if waiting for it to move on it's own.

"Thank you, Ren. I know you've gone to a lot of trouble to do this. I'll do my best to make sure Zero comes out of this safe. I won't let you down." Ren stood, draining the last of his Guinness, and nodded.

"I know, Kid. I know."


A shot whipped past Kid's head and exploding harmlessly on a wall behind him. The explosion snapped Kid out of his daze and he launched another volley of PK energy darts at the attacking Robot-Guards. He knew he'd find Zero somewhere around here. The reploid population of this world had been extremely helpful in letting him know where to find the Maverick Hunter headquarters. The Hunters told him, after much persuasion, where to look for Zero.

Kid finally found what he was looking for. A metal door, newer looking than everything else around it, with a unique looking "M" on it. He walked up to it, and placed his hand on it. It opened at his touch, and lead to a familiar looking corridor with an identical door on the other side. Kid knew instantly that there would be a Maverick on the other side of that door, and Zero would be fighting him.

As he approached the inner door, Kid could hear an almost eerie silence. No sounds of gun fire, or anything for that matter. Kid drew the sword he wore across his back, and channeled his PK into the blade, igniting it with energy. He opened the door, and stepped in, looking over the entire room to try to find Zero. The room was empty except for bits and pieces of scrap metal. Nothing that would account for an entire robot, but it looked like a battle had gone on there.

"Where are they?" He asked aloud, to himself.

"If you're looking for the Maverick, you're too late." A metallic sounding voice said from behind Kid. The surprised warrior turned in his place and came face to face with the person he'd been searching for all along. Zero, looking a little worse for wear, limped into view. Some of his internal workings were exposed, and he seemed to be in great pain. He lurched forward, and started to fall, but Kid caught him at the last moment.

"No, Zero, I was sent here to find you. Why didn't you return to Maverick Hunter HQ if you were done here?" Kid asked, helping Zero stand and looking over the Reploid, trying to assess the damage. Zero chuckled, then winced in pain.

"I don't have the energy to teleport out of here. But I also don't have it to battle through all those Guards again, either. I'm stuck here until someone finds me. Now tell me, stranger. Who are you?" Zero looked at Kid with a face mixed with distrust and pain. Kid brushed off the question, helping Zero to the center of the room.

"Consider yourself found. I'll get you out of here." Kid said, getting ready to use his abilities to take them both to the Maverick Hunter Headquarters. As Kid was concentrating on the spell, a spear crackling with electricity imbedded itself in the ground a mere foot from the pair, and a voice rang out from above.

"Neither you, Zero, or this stranger are going anywhere. Master Sigma has ordered that you be destroyed, and I am to please."

Oct. 8th, 2002

Anita was being evasive. "Well, it's not like the island's a secret or anything."

"I know that," Dusty said, scooting forward a few steps in line. "But it's not like it's Vegas or anything, either. I mean there's not a lot of tourism. There are almost NO maps with it on there."

"I told you I had other business there." She was moving her jaw less and less. A definate sign of irritation and a desire to stop talking. The crossed arms were pretty indicative as well.

"What business?"

"MY business." She clenched her perfectly sculpted jaw, ending her side of things.

"It just makes me suspicious is all." Most of their morning had gone like this. Intermittently, they were hanging out with the other islanders, but Dusty's questions annoyed Anita so badly, that this argument had been repeated several times. It was dragging his friends down, so Dusty suggested they go off together to someplace nobody else would want to go.

"You weren't very suspicious last night. What I've told you certainly seemed to be enough then. Why are you so paranoid now?"

"Lady, if you'd seen the things I'’ve seen, you'd be pretty damn paranoid, too. What are we looking for, anyway?"

The change of subject softened her up a bit. "The first marker is a rock column, carved with symbols of Ponce de Leon's expedition. I don't know what those are, though."

"Are you kidding? First of all, if the STONE column didn't sink in the swamp, then when the swamp was DRAINED to build the park, it would have been moved!"

"I don't think so. My ancestors were architects, remember? I think they sank the column on purpose, knowing that, eventually, the land would be used. They had to have thought of some way to keep the column intact and in place."


"Well, I'M no architect," she smirked incredulously. "But it only makes sense, doesn't it?"

"Now I'm even more suspicious. What is it you do, exactly?"

"The first marker is supposed to be at a certan lattitude and longitude. The other clues are based off of its position. So, if we can't find the column, we're screwed."

Dusty ignored the numerous responses that popped into his head, all of which were likely to get him slapped. Anita was picking her words carefully, though, distracting him with sex. That was how she'd gotten him this far. No reason it shouldn't keep working... or, at least, no reason to let her THINK it wasn't still working... cause it wasn't... not really...

They waited in line in silence for a while. Dusty glanced at the other tourists, wondering if, by chance, any of them were on the same trail as himself and Anita. In his plain green T-shirt, camel colored shorts, flashy running sneakers and, of course, his fedora, he was well disguised. Anita, on the other hand, stood out like a rose in crabgrass. She was taller than most of the people, for starters, and dressed like a girl half her age. Her bright red tank top and skimpy black shorts were tight, showing off her lean, tanned body and her ample curves. Her midnight hair was pulled through the back of an Orlando Magic cap, revealing her divinely graceful neck and her squarely hung shoulders. Her super-expensive sunglasses and designer ankle-high hiking boots glinted with the money they must have cost her. All this and her pouting maroon lips made her look like a supermodel trying too hard to hide out.

A Baby started crying behind them in line. Dusty wondered briefly what the parents thought this kid was supposed to get out of the It’s a Small World ride, but he supposed the colors and the music were-


Pieces of the building splintered upwards and the concussion knocked everyone in the line over, including the young parents behind Dusty and Anita. They flew backwards, the mom losing her hold on her baby. Dusty managed to catch the crying bundle when it dropped onto his chest.

Smoke. Fire. Everybody was yelling. Dusty handed the kid back to its father as soon as they found their feet. Anita appeared to be in shock as Dusty took her hand and tried to lead her away from the smoke with everyone else.

"Come on!" Dusty yelled, yanking on her hand. "Anita!"

But she wasn't in shock, she was looking at something very particular as she tugged her sunglasses off. Inside the building, the animatronic people were in flaming pieces, not moving anymore. The cart track warped up from the floor like a rearing horse and a huge hole had appeared under it. There were smashed fluorescent lights down there and the flickering of others revealed the hole to lead into a hallway or service tunnel under the ride.

"We have to get down there," Anita said, clenching Dusty's hand finally. Only she went forward.

"But it's on fire! There's bound to be a safer way down!"

"But they'll all be guarded! Or locked! This is our chance!"

She was right. And Dusty found her initiative sexy, even, so they jumped a few flaming pieces of debris and dodged a few dazed, but uninjured riders as they were led out by the ride operators.

One of the ride operators yelled at them as they passed. "There's a guy and a girl still in there!"

Dusty was wondering if they should try and find them when Anita pulled them up short at the hole. She stopped just long enough to judge the distance to the floor, then dropped the ten feet to land in a crouch. Seeing no one in her immediate vicinity, she waved him down and got out of the way.

Dusty took one last look around for the missing riders and saw, through a gap in the smoke screen between them, an unmistakeable head of blue hair leading an unduly calm and grinning man out of the fire.

"I can't believe you did that," Alli was saying. "All those little animatronic people..."

"Now living in a much smaller world," the man hissed as he kicked over a melting robot. With the voice, Dusty recognized him as Raistlyn.

The hoarse blasting of fire extiguishers accompanied the sprinklers as they finally kicked on. Dusty dropped into the hole before any other park employees saw him.


After getting my stuff unpacked in the hotel room, I headed down to the lobby to meet my girlfriend Cat, Sil, Dite, and JC.

"So...let the fun begin," I said. "Where do we go first? MGM, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom?"

"Cat wants to check out the stuff in Epcot," JC said.

"I don't know why," Aphrodite said as we left the hotel. "She probably made most of that stuff when she was ten."

"Six," she said proudly as I put my arm around her.

"That's my girl...Scientific genius," I said.

"You must be so happy you're the dumb one in the relationship," Sil said with a grin.

"Yep," I replied. "HEY!!"

Sil giggled along with JC an Aphrodite.

Dite patted my back. "Someone has to be the dumb one in every relationship...and in this case its you."

"What is there a note on my back that says 'Lightning rod of hate'?"

"No," Dite said removing something off my back.

When we arrived at Epcot we stopped so we could take pictures of the giant ball.

"Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking," JC asked.

"Wishing you were a giant for a chance to play golf with that thing," I said.

"That inside is primitive animatronic devices," Cat said.

"Penguins," Sil remarked.

"I don't even wanna know how you came up with penguin," JC retorted as we began to walk through the entrance.

"What's wrong with penguins?!"

"Hey, so whats first," Dite said as she opened the map of the park. "There's all the countries, Futureworld, and uh...that's it."

"I hear there's a 'Honey I shrunk the Audience' 4-D film," I said.

"What happened to 'Captain Eo'," JC asked.

"They replaced that a couple years ago," Cat replied.

"Aww...But I wanted to see it!"

Cat rolled her eyes and pulled me towards "INNOVENTIONS."

We walked around looking at the various inventions. We saw a virtual reality "Alladin" game. We got in line to play it. Cat went first and lost.

"Stupid machine...its primitive and defective."

I kissed her forehead.

"I'm sure you'll do better next time you try."

I went for my turn and beat the game.

"I hate you," she told me.

"You're good in everything else and I don't hate you," I replied with my puppy dog eyes.

"Now I really hate you," she said with a grin.

It was an interesting day. We saw some of the Future stuff and had lunch in "France." Now we gonna meet up with others and tour the rest of the countries for the rest of the day...oh joy.