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The Isle of AIWL

The World's Most Twisted Place

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This is a round robin LJ for AIWL. The Amateur Internet Writer's League, a rather small but nifty former webring of crazy people.

We created characters and made a little world surrounding them for two round robins.

This is pretty much an lj for the same purpose, only without the pop ups of the previous home..lol

Want in? Email above.

[The Disclaimer]
Disney Characters belong to Disney, not us.
Marvel Comics characters belong to Marvel.
Anita Blake characters belong to Laurell K. Hamilton.
Everyone else (It's such a huge list okay?) belongs to their rightful owners/creators or what not.

We don't mean any harm, this is merely a product of writers with a tendency to let their twisted minds wander.

So please don't sue, because most of us are broke.