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Attacks from Agrabah

Raina scanned the crowd from her crouched position on a shop rooftop, a serious look on her pretty face. “Wheretogo, whattodo.”

*Pick me up one of those Mickey ear hats.*

Raina blinked at Bobby’s 'voice' in her mind. “Geez, Drake, picking up a new power?”

A feminine voice filled her mind. *Just me and my amazing goddess skills. Worship now, I take tribute in--*

“Men, sugar and weapons.” Raina teased. “So Dite warned you, Sil?”

*Yeah, Cat dragged Rick back to the hotel to do some scans for any anomalies. But I’m betting nothing comes up.* Sil said. *JC is with me, and Dite went to find the others.*

“When isn’t Jean-Claude with you.” Muttered Raina. Before Sil could comment, she sped along. “Have you found anything?”

*Magic wise? Oh yeah. It’s everywhere. I could have told you that when we got here. Disney reeks with magic. Good, bad, neutral. You name it.*

Bobby interrupted. *I’m betting with all of it around, it makes it hard to find anything specific.*

*Bingo.* Sil said. *This place was built on a foundation of magic in the first place. Hence why so many people flock to it.*

*I always knew it had nothing to do with the mouse.* Bobby added dryly.

“So what’s the plan?” Raina asked. She realized she’d been speaking aloud the entire time and groaned. If she wasn’t on a rooftop, she’d have been seen as crazy.

*Keep looking around. I’ll keep a psychic link between us, so just call out mentally and one of us will hear you.* Sil told her. *I’ll start linking us up with everyone as soon as I’m done..*

Bobby frowned, mentally and no doubt physically. *Done with what?*

*It’s.. nothing. Personal. Don’t worry. We have more important things to do.*

Sil’s telepathic voice vanished, and Raina felt the link to her temporarily close. *Hmm..*

*What was that about?*

*Noidea, butwhateveritis, she’lleithertelluswhenshe’sready, ornot.*

*Great options.*

*It’sSil.* Raina smiled, shaking off her thoughts of her best friend’s problems momentarily. *Doyoureallywantahat?*

*Already have one.* Iceman chuckled. *Back to work?*

*Back to work.*

The link went quiet, until needed, and Raina, taking a quick look around to make sure no one was paying much attention, proceeded to leap onto another rooftop.


Mozenrath watched Raina leap across rooftops as easily as skipping at hopscotch, through a glowing orb in his hand. “There. That’s one of them.”

“Sure, a girl on the rooftops is naturally one of the interlopers.” Hades muttered.

“I know her.” Mozenrath hissed. “She and some blue haired child are what trapped me in this pathetic excuse for a world.” His eyes blazed with fury. He closed his hand into a fist and the orb vanished. When he opened it, an image of a fourteen year old Alli appeared. “The child. If you spot her.. Kill her.”

“And just what do you want us to do about the other?” Ursula asked.

Mozenrath’s face grew unreadable. “I want her.. Alive.”


Once more, Raina was getting desperate for action. Not that it was anything new, with her being such an action junkie. After abandoning the rooftops, she was back on the solid ground of the street, avoiding bustling tourists while keeping her eyes open.

She didn’t have to wait long. The super heroine froze as her instincts went on full alert.

Someone was watching her.

Raina glanced around, and her eyes rose to a rooftop she had been on just minutes before. With a quick and cautious look, she made her way to meet her watcher.

Once upon the rooftop, she found herself face to face with a man taller then she was, his arms muscular and menacing looking. He was pale, with a bald head, a five-o-clock shadow, and one of those ridiculous villainous mustaches.

Raina pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head. “Saluk. Shouldn’t you be out scaring children? Isn’t that what you get paid for?”

Saluk smirked proudly. “I see you know my name.” He raised his right hand, which clutched a golden claw, with three talons. “There’s been a change in job descriptions.”

He ran towards her, bringing his fist up to strike. Raina sidestepped, and grabbed his wrist as he missed. She twisted Saluk’s arm behind his back, holding him in place. He let out an annoyed grunt.

“Obviously, you aren’t an ordinary worker dressed as an Aladdin villain. What’s your game?” She hissed. Raina released him and hopped away from the thief as he swung his free arm back, trying to strike her with his elbow.

Saluk spun around, his claw aiming for Raina’s bare stomach. He missed again, and with a growl, kept on the offensive. Raina continued to dodge every attack, memorizing his pattern, seeing an opening, Raina grinned and sent him flying with a roundhouse kick.

Saluk fell over the edge of the building. He imbedded his claw into the wall and slid to the ground. Taking a moment to sneer at Raina who was staring down at him from above, he quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Raina tapped her foot as she pushed her sunglasses back onto her face. “Thatwaswayweird. Why the hell would someone do that?” She turned around in time to see a slithery tail vanish into the shadows.

Her lips formed a frown. “That.. No. Ohcomeon!” She sighed and her eyes widened as she cried out. Raina flew to the ground as she was bombarded by a blast of magic. She growled as she got to her knees.

Her attacker loomed above her. She was a catwoman with brown fur and black hair. She wore a red Egyptian style dress and her delicate claws were surrounded by magic. “Perfect. On your knees where you belong. Truly pathetic.”

Raina rolled her eyes. “What is this, an Aladdin villain convention? FirstSaluknowMirage?”

Mirage merely chuckled. “I see my reputation precedes me.”

“Well, you ARE the poster girl for getting cats spayed.” Raina smirked at her. She rolled out of the way as Mirage released another mystical attack. “Ohcomeon, youreallythinkthatcouldhurtmeanyway?” Raina lifted her hand and held it in front of her, palm facing Mirage.

Mirage’s eyes widened as she was struck down by a pulse of white energy rings, most made of her own magic that Raina had absorbed. “Aieeee!!!”

Raina rose to her feet and ended her attack. She placed a hand on her hip as she walked over to the wounded Mirage. “You’re going to tell me what’s going on around here. And I mean NOW.”

Mirage laughed. “I think not.” She snapped her fingers and vanished, leaving Raina alone on the rooftop again.

With a frustrated cry, Raina stomped her foot. “Whatthehellisgoingon?!!”


Feb. 18th, 2003 06:45 am (UTC)
Much procrastination, and I finally posted. Will do another this week..

Sadly I wrote this while hopped up on a pop tart. Methinks it killed some of my writing skills. (What little I had.)


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