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Rollercoasters and Eels.

I watched Reiko as she walked ahead of me in Disney World. She had picked short levi shorts to wear and had a bright orange T-shirt tied just under her breasts so it exposed her perfect stomach muscles. Any normal man would have been prone to intense jealous fits if another man looked at his girlfriend dressed in that manner but I was confident in Reiko’s love for me.
So I only gave death glares to any male that dared to look at her twice.

Reiko was living it up playing the tourist and would stop every few feet to point out some new sights. Me? I was happy walking behind Reiko and enjoying the view.
I meant the views of the park. Sheesh! What kind of demon do you take me for?

At one point we were crossing over a bridge and Reiko leaned over the railing to point at roller coaster type ride. "Don’t you think that looks like it would be a thrill to ride?" She asked.

"Oh I know it’s thrill." I replied distractedly.

Reiko glanced back at me and caught me looking somewhere other than the ride she was pointing out.
It’s not what you are thinking either! . . . Oh okay, it is exactly what you are thinking.

Reiko turned away from the railing to face me and placed her hands on her hips. "Can’t you behave?" She asked me with a grin.

"Sorry. It must be the ocean air." I replied with a chuckle.

Reiko just laughed. "It’s a good thing that AIWL is an island then I guess. Now about that ride over there." She said, overemphasizing the direction by dramatically pointing.

Placing my arm around her waist I looked to where she was pointing. Glancing around to see that we were fairly alone on the bridge for the moment I whispered back. "Hun, you can fly, phase and teleport. How can a mere roller coaster compare to that?"

"Cause on a roller coaster I am not in control. And you said we could do all the touristy things."

I nodded my head. "Sure let’s go...." I paused as something just on the edge of my awareness took place.
Reiko well familiar with the way I acted noticed immediately. "What is it?" She asked.

"I detected something for just a moment." I replied as I tried to figure out exactly what it had been.

"You mean, like a disturbance in the Force?" Reiko asked me.

I broke off my mental train of thought and looked at Reiko. "You’ve been hanging around the Jedi classes at WBA too much." I said with a grin.

Reiko laughed but then asked me. "Well was it something like that anyway?"

I had to frown and reluctantly admit. "Yeah okay, it was something like that. Like a doorway to evil had been opened briefly and something came through it."

"A portal?"

I pondered for a moment. "If it was, it was not like any type I had ever felt before." Seeing Reiko frowning and glancing around the park I tried to put her mind at ease.
"Come on hun. It was probably nothing. Let’s go try your ride." I said and started down the bridge so we could head toward the roller coaster.

Reiko glanced around one more time and started to follow Weirdbard but stopped and did a double take. Just for a moment she could have sworn she had seen a flying fish dart under the bridge. Not your normal type of flying fish but it looked like a eel with big eyes swimming through the air. She shook her head and decided she was seeing things and raced to catch up to where Bard was waiting at the end of the bridge for her.

The flying eel Xerces breathed a sigh of relief under the bridge. The strange woman with the blue hair must not have seen him. He knew Mozenrath would have his hide if he allowed himself to be seen and gave away that something was going on but he just couldn’t stay cooped up in that underground cavern any longer.

Xerces was just about to try another dash across the crowded park to reach a food vendor when a hand snaked out of the darkness of the shadows of the bridge and grabbed him by the throat.

"Xerces! You idiot! Where do you think you are going?"

"Mozenrath!" Squeeked the flying eel. "Xerces was just hungy and thought I would look for a bite?" The eel added hoarsely.

"What a good idea Xerces." Mozenrath replied as he phased completley out of the shadows.

The eel brightened up and looked hopefully at it's master.

"Now where can we find a aligator to bite you?" Mozenrath added as if he was pondering.

He then snarled at the eel and threw it into the shadow gate and followed after it.


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