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Jan. 15th, 2003

You would imagine that travelling while a spirit is merely thought, if it could be called that. A wish to be somewhere else, a need to appear somewhere you are not. For Khai James, newly departed (compared to millenia that have passed), the wish exceeds his grasp, his need consuming him - different. For you see, Khai is no typical lost soul. By life, he was but an ordinary man, his only speciality a few gifts bestowed on him to assist in aiding his friends and allies. In death, he is no ordinary. Denied entry to the afterlife of his loved ones, he travels amongst the living in search of something he does not know how to attain... peace of soul and mind.
Only knowing that his loved ones' souls, Rei and Katarina, were lost amongst infinty, he struggles to not only one day be reunited.. but to co-exist with what he has lost... life.
In this, however, a change has begun. A change not noticeable on the ethereal scale known to the Gods, yet a change nonetheless. In his brief appearance in The City, Khai has met with another who defies the odds, a man who makes his own rules in the cosmos. Al Simmons, known as Spawn to most, and Cogliostro, Simmons' own semi-mentor, have temporarily adoped Khai in hopes not only to aid him in his own protection, but to also start him on a path that they hope leads to salvation. A good intention has left Khai the ability to become visible to mortals when desired, but who knows what pitfalls accompany this action.
Only time will tell if the journey yields Khai's wishes...


"So, for now, this should do you. What you're looking at is a modded '71 Hemi Cuda. Still has the original 426 engine in it too. Of course, I took some liberties with it." Simmons shut the driver's side door and beckoned Khai over to glance at the dashboard. "You've got yourself a 'trap finder' for when the state troopers are in quota mode. Just in case you're an idiot and decide not to slow down, though, I bulletproofed the beast. Sure it won't take a full frontal against a tank or anything, but it'll hold long enough for you to get outta dodge if need be, not enough to outrun a Ferrari, mind you, but whatever. Painted all black because it just looks better, and I replaced the radio with a 5 disc cd-changer, because without some tunes, you'll go out of your frickin mind."

A low whistle escaped Khai's lips as he gave the car a look-over. "Nice ride. By any chance does it come with Hell's seal of approval?"

"Funny. Now if you're done with your stand-up routine, I'll continue. The bulletproofing, yeah, that has quite the little magic touch to it. Everything else, done by my own two hands, and in less than 48 hours. You'll notice I've also installed a GPS. God knows I can't trust you to find your way, if your weapon knowledge is any indication. Jesus, if only I had 72 more hours..." A flash of light in his periphial vision caused Simmons to whirl about, guns drawn and cloak writhing.

"I'll give you points for trying, Al," Cog said, "but I think our new guest here may take offence to your taking the Holy Son's name in vain. Let me introduce Peter, Saint and usually the man who waves in the accepted into the Father's domain."

"I'll let it ride. As the saying goes," Peter stated, "we've got bigger fish to fry at the moment. Can I talk with you alone for a moment, Mr. Simmons?"

Sticking the guns back into his shoulder holsters and quieting the cape, Spawn followed the visitor away from the vehicle. Lighting a cigarette, Cog glanced at the vintage machine with amusement. "Ah, back to this again. You should've seen him on his 'antique cars' run a couple of months ago. Put together a few cars from the 40's-70's that'd make your head spin. '71 Cuda right? Classic car. Though I doubt the Sony 5-disc came stock." Taking a puff, he glanced in his company's direction. "Hey kid, you may want to know that Pete's visit may be slightly coincidental to your little meeting with Vasquez down south. Least, that's what I heard through the grapevine."

"Probably some info about the tabs I asked him to put out on some lost souls." Grabbing the pack from Cog, Khai lit his own smoke and blew out his own exhaust. "Amazing, I can actually somewhat feel the cancer working its own brand of joy. The hell are these things, man? Undead Light, for the non-breathing stressed out poor sap?"

Laughing, Cog shook his head. "Nah, just something I picked up from a former friend in the 5th gate of Hell. You know you're pooched anyway, why not add to the cause. Anyway, the deal is, you go down and get some info from Vasquez, get him back up here for rehabilitation, and we'll assist you in your hunt for you girlfriend and sister. Not tough, wouldn't you say?"

"While I'm not fond of playing errand-boy, the help is noted." Stubbing out the smoke on the warehouse door, Khai got into the driver's seat of the Chrysler vehcle and flipped through his list of cds. "Ah, here we go, perfect. The Cult should go well to mark the beginning of a journey, no?"

"Sure, if you have no fashion sense and love Miami Vice, Knight Rider, and other 80's shit. Me, I'm a 1492 type of guy."

"Big surprise there...."


2.5 hrs later...

The traffic, being its usual bitch of a self, had held him only to merge now onto I-95 after a considerable bout of swearing, 5 near-accidents and a half pack of what he called Undead Lights. With being visible now, he couldn't just flip the bird at anyone without a reaction. He had to compliment Al though, the car handled like a wet dream.

Still, his thoughts kept drifting to Peter's swift and cryptic message. The clue is life, but it is not the key. Seek what you can and Godspeed. Muttering about a possible violation of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), Peter departed without fanfare. With the SG552-2 P sitting on the seat beside him, and the two Browning 9mm's under the seat (and screw Al for suggesting not to use them), Khai was prepared for whatever Vasquez could throw at him, short of an army, if the 'little bitch' (as Simmons had so eloquently called him) resisted.

With Matthew Good Band now playing on the cd-player, he only hoped that the trip would be worth it.


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Jan. 15th, 2003 12:02 am (UTC)
Very, very nice.

Jan. 15th, 2003 11:08 am (UTC)
*bows* I aim to please.
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