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Ice Cream

Morrigan sighed, boredom had overtaken, she hadn’t gone on any rides yet. She didn’t care to. She watched the people walk by, in visioning how they would all die. “number of men's feet versus the number of women's feet is the exact number of women's feet in one ring out of the four. Seventy-two” she mumbled to her self, she had heard it off behind her somewhere. She had fallen into a zombie like mental state, it maybe have been the ahcole or the lack of sleep. Something that she suddenly needed and was not vary familiar with. The voice she heard reminder her some one she had gone to hell with.

"Well, we're in luck, then. That's my specialty."

Morrigan did however remember that voice. “Dusty?” she said turning to where she heard his voice. Dusty, apone hearing his name instinctively turned to see Morrigan “Dear god” Dusty said as if he had see something terrible “it’s her!”
“Her who?” Anita asked, trying to see what had terrified Dusty so much. She saw Morrigan, who had recently gotten her hands on a ice cream cone.
“She’s come for me! No! I’m to young to die” Dusty shouted, then fainted.
“Why does this always happen to me…” Morrigan sighed. “We should pick him up before some one steps on him” The two, Anite and Morrigan picked up Dusty and dragged him to one of the million near by benches.
“You know Dusty?” Anite asked Morrigan after they had gotten dusty seated.
“you could say that I… know a lot of people.”
“So you’ve known Dusty for a long time then?”
“You could say we’ve been to hell and back, yes”


“Well, this is an unexpected turn of events” Mozenrath said observing the three. “Why do you think she is here?”

“Impossible” Ursula said “I don’t think Morrigan is the type to sit about”

They watched as Morrigan licked her Ice Cream Cone, trying to see if their was some secret hidden message in her actions.

“Then we must assume that she does not know” said Mozenrath “And I better not get any Ass out of you and me jokes!”

There were a few smirks


“He looked like he had just stared death in the face” Anite said, fanning Dusty hoping he would come to.
“Well, you just might be right there.” Morrigan said with a weak smile.
Dusty woke with a grown and a “is she gone yet?”
“No” Morrigan said, then licked her Ice Cream cone again.
“I’m not dead yet then?” he asked
“I would hope not” Anite said
“Nope, still have…” Morrigan pasued
“Do I want to know?” Dusty asked
“30 seconds?” Morrigan said puzzled. As soon as she finished there was a loud crashing sound form under a man hole cover. Suddenly form under it popped Dusty’s dear friend, the Plasma gun wielding Micky Mouse.

“Well… shit” said Dusty.


Somewhere on the other side of the park Akira skipped along happily, She loved amusement parks, so many people to trick. She would have gone merrly along if it wasn’t for a little mini-demon who we all referred quite affectingly to as Imp 13 and everyone’s Favorite war God, Ares. You see, the Imp had the wonderful idea of standing in the path way of women hoping to grab them by “Accident” when they ran into each other. So far it hadn’t worked. That was until Akira came skipping along that the plan did work, and when it did work it was a Direct hit. The two crashed together with Akira laying flat on her back Imp 13 in human form on top. Ares laughed form a distance, Akira scowled at Imp 13.

“Get off me Demon” Her cheerfulness was gone.
“Demon, I’m not a demon” Imp 13 said with a big Smile
“No, you’re a…” Akira thought for a second “Rubber chicken”
“I’m not a rubber…” Imp 13 was cut short as he was turned into a Pink rubber chicken. Akira stood up holding Imp 13 the Pink Rubber Chicken and walked over to Ares.
“Is this yours?” she asked
“uh… well sorta” he said “Don’t I know you?”
“I’m her sister…” Akira Mummbled
“Oh!” Ares said, sounding alittle exited “A Fellow Goddess of war!” He rasied a Sword to the sky, where the sword came form was anyone’s guess.
“No” Akira Mummbled “The other one…”
“oh…” Ares was some what disappointed “Morrigan has two sisters?”
“Are you going to turn my friend back?”
Akira sighed, reached down the throut of the rubber chicken and pulled out Imp 13.
“I told you” Said Ares “We should have stuck with giving things swords and shields and making them fight”
“It was your idea”
Akira sighed again and sat down on a bench, one of the many at the part, while the two argued.
“This place is sooo boring” Akira said with a sigh
“Indeed it is” Ares said sitting down next to her, Imp 13 moved to sit but Akira’s Glare made him think again.
“Weren’t you planning on going to the it’s a small world ride and giving everything Swords or something?” Akira Asked Ares
“How did you know?” Ares asked “Wasn’t the ride destroyed?”
“I’ve read the story up till now and It was rebuilt last time I was near it”


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